Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well It rained last night

Yesterday, I threw my hat into the "it's too freaking hot" ring. I ranted and raved about how the last couple of days have been unbearably hot. Well some one must have been listening, cause last night the flood gates opened. It rained for 2 hours straight, their was thunder, lightening and even some hail.

Not that any of these was a bad thing, but, the thunder kept setting car alarms off, the hail kept ratling the roof of the carport (outside ma window), and the roads were flooded (we get soo little rain out here that the sewer system - much like Nai's - can't handle rain.

Its much cooler today than it has been - 90 degrees - but its humid as hell, so in short: its TOO FREAKING HOT.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Its too Freaking Hot!!!!

I thought it was about time I added my voice to the world wide "its too freaking hot" chorus: IT'S TOO FREAKING HOT. Seriously, I left home for work the other day and it was 105 degrees (41 celcius). Now, I know your saying to your self, thats in the afternoon. But no, this was at 9 freaking a.m. You know how hot it get that day???? 118 (48 celcius), 118 I tell you. This is unnatural. to make matters worse, you know what the low temp is here??? 95 (35 celcius). This when the brits are complaining about 97 degrees (36 celcius) Ngai fafa, Dios mios, iko joto my people, this is unnatural. IT'S TOO FREAKING HOT.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel amd Hezbollah

Found this article from Charles Krauthammer to be quite illuminating. The recent provocations by Hezbollah are unacceptable and Israel has every right to retaliate, as Joe Biden put it on MEET THE PRESS: "And the last point I’ll make, Tim, is I find it fascinating people talk about has Israel gone too far. No one talks about whether Israel’s justified in the first place. Let’s assume Israel’s overreacting. I want to see the world stand up and say, “By the way, this in fact, is an unprovoked effort on the part of a terrorist organization supported by two countries to undermine the democratic state.” Until they say that, I think it’s awful—I think it’s a secondary question whether Israel’s gone too far." The focus on an Israeli "propotional response" misses the fact that Hezbollah attacked first.

As Fareed Zakaria - on This Week with George Stephanopoulos- raised a very interesting question in my mind, when America was attacked she reponded with a "propotional response" like no other: she took out two governments. Israel has the right - indeed obligation - to remove the threat on her Northen border, if that means destroying Hezbollah, good for her.

EU - Africa Immigration Conference Offers Lessons for US Immigration Debate:

EU - Africa Immigration Conference Offers Lessons for US Immigration Debate:

Several EU and African countries recently met in Morocco to come up with common strategies to deal with illegal immigration from Africa. Africans brave treacherous deserts and stormy seas to reach Europe with large numbers of them dying in the process. Whereas, EU countries have stringent anti-immigration rules(fences, deportation etc) they’ve realized that enforcement only does not solve the problem completely. The EU nations have sought the assistance of countries of origin, to help fight illegal immigration.

The summit agreed to:
- Joint Monitoring of sea and Border routes.
- Coordinated police and judicial efforts targeting human trafficking networks
- Clearer rules for deportation and repatriation.
- Measures to increase awareness of the dangers of illegal migration.
- Economic assistance to African states to alleviate economic crisis.

The conference should provide a lesson to American leaders.

Dealing with the immigration issues on this side of the border only, will not necessarily solve the problem completely. The nation needs a partner in Mexico to help stanch the flow of migrants

Friday, July 14, 2006

Kanu needs to change before mergers

KANU: Reform before Mergers.

Since the release of the recent IRI poll showing that a majority of Kenyans support coalition governments, there has been a lot of pressure on the KANU chairman Uhuru Kenyatta to rejoin ODM [EA Standard 13th July]

However, before running to form a pre-electoral coalition, Mr. Kenyatta and the KANU leadership need rebuild and reform the party. KANU needs a structural and philosophical rebirth, which would overhaul her dysfunctional grass roots’ system and reconcile her national leadership. The party also needs to differentiate herself from other parties by developing a strong ideological identity and consistent policy prescriptions to solve Kenya’s problems.

Once the party resolves her internal dysfunctions, she would be in a much stronger position to negotiate coalition partnerships. Or if necessary go it alone.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Should Africans pay reparations to African-Americans

Anonymous caller on local paper wonders why Africans not being sued for reparations by African Americans: "Most of the slaves (brought to the U.S.) were bought from opposing tribes in Africa. Why don’t I see any lawsuits against the descendants of those tribes in Africa instead of just trying to blackmail American companies?” Should the African slave traders by sued for havng enslaved their African bretheren?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

KANU Beware

It has taken a while to come up with a clear winner in the recent Mexican elections, however, most analysts would agree that a clear looser in the process has been the former ruling party: The Institutional Revolutionary Party or PRI.

The PRI had been the dominant party in Mexico from 1929 to 2000, wielding a powerful axe that cut across all levels of government in Mexico (Federal, State and Local). All presidents in those 70 years came from the PRI, as did most legislators, governors and mayors. However, the election of 2000 saw an alliance of the conservative National Alliance Party (PAN) and the Mexican Green Party (PVEM) overwhelmingly win the presidential elections, under the leadership of current president Vincente Fox. PRI was a distant third, though she maintained a majority in the federal legislature and most state governments.

However, the last few years have been unkind to the party, in the run up to the 2006 elections, the PRI was unable to reconcile her past with her aspirations for the future. The old guard continued to run the party ( young turks overwhelmingly rejected the party’s presidential nominee: Roberto Madrazzo), and she was wracked by constant wrangling and infighting. This led to massive defections and the creation of a new party: National Alliance Party (which won 4% of the seats in Congress). The party also failed to attract new supporters and relied on her old coalition (unions and the poor) to win back power. Most important, she failed to convince voters that she had reformed and was ready to lead the country.

As a result, the presidential candidate garnered a paltry 22% of the vote and she lost 50 seats in the lower house of congress, as well as, her grip on state and local governments.
It could be argued that KANU is in a similar state of disrepair. She has been unable to fully reconcile the differences between the "old guard" and "young turks", unable to reform her archaic and dysfunctional leadership structure, and has been hobbled by infighting and factionalism. Most crucial, is that she has yet to convince Kenyans that she has reformed and is ready to retake the reigns of power.

Whereas, the PRI can only lick her wounds and hope for a better future, KANU still has a year to get her act together and prove to Kenyans that she is reformed and ready to lead the country.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lieberman the Kenyan

In 1997 then Limuru Member of Parliament (George Nyanka) switched parties 4 times in the run up to the elections. This was the most flagrant of a long running game of musical chairs that plays it self out every five years in Kenya. I have always been against these games (unless the reason for switching is blatant anti democratic moves, ala Jimnah Mbaru and Maina Kamanda), I always considered them a sign of our luck of political and democratic maturity. I admire the relative lack of musical chairs in America, where parties are based on ideology. Where a leader must take pains to explain any switch in party. Moreover, the democratic nature of primary elections in America makes my exemption above moot.

The political world has been all a flutter about the Connecticut Democratic primary, where incumbent and former VP candidate Joe Lieberman is facing a stiff challange from multi millionar Ned Lamont. Lieberman announced last week that he would seek to run as an indpendent if hw loses the democratic primary. On Monday he started the process, by filing papers to run as an independent, and regestering his own party.

It is a tard disconcerting that Lieberman would be soo scared of his fate, that he would be unwilling to accept a genuine and democratic decision by his party.

However, if it is simply a political ploy to scare the democrats into voting for him in the primary or face losing a seat in the senate, then thats a whole different story.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Congrats Miro

2006 World Cup Golden boot/shoe winner.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

U Shall be Missed Oli!!!!!

Oli Kahan has decided to retire from International football, such a sad day, I have supported Germany for many moons and have enjoyed watching Kahn in action (though he at times is a hot head). I thhought that the whole keeper controversy (with Lehman) was a not handled well by my idol Klinsmann, but its good to see such a great player bow out on a high. He played real well today, showed us that though he was Germany's number 2 he was still the shiznit (though his positioning when Gomez scored was suspect). Anyway thank you Oli and good luck in the future.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Obama is coming!!!! Obama is coming!!!!

The Daily Nation and East African Standard announced today that the junior senator from Illinois shall be visiting Kenya in August. Now it has not been confirmed by Obama's office, but "just a" congressman - David Dreier did say so.

I have absolutely no problem with Obama visiting the country, as a Kenyan, I am proud of the fact that he has Kenyan linieage. However, I was a dissappointed by the reporting done by both papers., I would like to have known what one of the U.S. House leaders (David Dreier is chairman of the crucial Rules committee) was doing in Kenya, who were the other members of the delegation? etc, etc. Now Nation gave a hint and some detail on the trip (meeting with Kaparo and promising to assist parliament). But the Standard reportage was woefully lacking (Obama is not: "in charge of African affairs." in the senate)

In the wider scheme of politics in Washington, I think that a senior member of the republican party and house of representatives, would be much more important to Kenya (policy wise), than the junior senator from Illinois, who happens to be in the minority.

I surely hope our government sees things clearly and did not neglect the congressional delegation. I do not mean to diminish Obama's capabilities as a senator, nor his future, but as things are in D.C. right now, he is just thedemocratic junior senator from Illinois, who happens to have bright prospects.

Kudos to Kenya Times. Focused on Obama angle, but gave more information concerning the delegation and reason for their visit.