Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Obama is coming!!!! Obama is coming!!!!

The Daily Nation and East African Standard announced today that the junior senator from Illinois shall be visiting Kenya in August. Now it has not been confirmed by Obama's office, but "just a" congressman - David Dreier did say so.

I have absolutely no problem with Obama visiting the country, as a Kenyan, I am proud of the fact that he has Kenyan linieage. However, I was a dissappointed by the reporting done by both papers., I would like to have known what one of the U.S. House leaders (David Dreier is chairman of the crucial Rules committee) was doing in Kenya, who were the other members of the delegation? etc, etc. Now Nation gave a hint and some detail on the trip (meeting with Kaparo and promising to assist parliament). But the Standard reportage was woefully lacking (Obama is not: "in charge of African affairs." in the senate)

In the wider scheme of politics in Washington, I think that a senior member of the republican party and house of representatives, would be much more important to Kenya (policy wise), than the junior senator from Illinois, who happens to be in the minority.

I surely hope our government sees things clearly and did not neglect the congressional delegation. I do not mean to diminish Obama's capabilities as a senator, nor his future, but as things are in D.C. right now, he is just thedemocratic junior senator from Illinois, who happens to have bright prospects.

Kudos to Kenya Times. Focused on Obama angle, but gave more information concerning the delegation and reason for their visit.


Anonymous Sam said...

As a careful student of American politics I assure that a visit by Senator Obama is of greater significance than any other other member of Congress.

He is the most popular politiian in America and it is oly a matter of time before he will have the distinction of being the first American President of Afican descent.

4:00 PM  
Blogger Githush said...

@ Sam

What You speak of is the future. Yes Obama is a popular man, yes he may have a great future in politics. However, as things stand in the US right now, he is only the junior senator, from the minority party. He is unlikely to carry as much weight in congress as Mr. Dreier does.

Obama can only promise to one day do x and y for us. Mr. Dreier was able to promise concrete action (help to parliament).

As things are in Washington, concrete action/assistance can only come from those who have significant pull in D.C. Right now Obama doesn't have that much pull in the halls of power. YET.

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama sounds too much like Osama and so he cannot be allowed power.
We don't need narrow minded people who terrorise for no reason in governments.
- Poesflap 3000

3:36 AM  

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