Tuesday, June 27, 2006

missile defense proliferation

Robert Robb, a columnist with "The Arizona Republic", seems to have a fascination with the phrase: "missile defense proliferator" He has on two different occassions (dealing with two different American security Dilemmas) called for America to share its missile defense technology with other nations in order to deter rogue states from acquring (or using) nuclear weapons. He argues that missile defense technology would reduce any strategic offensive use that rogue states (Iran and North Korea) would see in using nukes.

One can not be sure of which state Robb would like to "proliferate" the technology to, but it may not be a streatch to assume that it's Israel, and probably Japan. As the writer notes, America already has a limited joint "research" program with Japan, however, considering that China and Russia are against America deploying "missile defense" in America, one wonders how they would react to a full deployment of the technology in Japan (a state that china looks upon with great suspicion). In the middle East, giving Israel yet another edge in the arms race (assuming she already has nukes) would probably motivate, not discourage, other states in the area from persuing nukes or other offensive capapbilities. Making the area more dangerous than it currently is.

It is quite clear that the Iran and North Korea issues are very difficult to deal with, however, relying on cookie cutter remedies that are likely to escalte tensions is not the way to go.


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