Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blame ESPN

As all must know by now, the USA is out of the World Cup. If you have been watching the WC coverage on ESPN/ABC and are rooting for a team other than the USA, you are probably - like me - glad that the USA is out. Hopefully now the commentators and analysts will focus on the games at hand and not what America needs to do in order to beat whoever. I realise that ESPN was trying to drum up support for the team and increase viewership, but they went to far, every game, whether America was playing or not, seemed to have been an analysis of the USA game/team, it just got too much.

Well now that the USA is out the second guessing and monday quaterbacking has begun in earnest. Folks - on ESPN - who had 90 minutes before the game been full of praise for "America's brave heroes" were suddenly questioning the coach (Eric Wynalda) or resolve of the team (Julie Foudy). No American analyst/commentator had the guts to say what was true, the USA team ("the best ever assembled") was overhyped by they and ESPN/ABC. It fell upon an Irish man (Tommy Smyth) to put it all in plain english, Americans thpught to highly of their teams chances and totally underestimated the Ghanians.

The only positive is that football was the topic of discussion on the lips of many Americans, most news/talk shows begun with news of the tournament. This shall be missed, the game has survived quite well without constant "USA hyping" and I am quite sure the rest of the finals will go on and shall be great. Good Riddance America.


Anonymous AfroM said...

welcome back:

Good post. I agree that they had overhyped it and it was grating on my nerves the whole time. Part of me was kidogo cheering for US (earlier games- not against ghana ofcourse) lakini they managed to squish that little sentiment i had. At least Lalas fixed his hair abit. wacha i stop before i go on and on abt the ESPN/ABC coverage.

7:22 AM  
Blogger Kabinti said...

Agree to the fullest! Finally they are out and we can enjoy watching the games without having to put them on mute. Talk about eating humble pie. Methinks that we shall hear about Team USA still even tho they are out.

9:08 AM  

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