Thursday, February 16, 2006

Earler this week I looked upon the eye of my strawberry danish and wondered allowed, will muslim countries follow America's lead and rename all things that bear the name of a country they hate? (remember freedom Fries), well I am happy to report - though it took a while - but Iranians have changed the name of the "Danish". As happened in the run up to the Iraq qar, I shall now refer to my morning Danish as: "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad." It is possible that like the "freedom fries" I shall soon forget the new phrase, but what the hell, I shall entertain myself for the next few weeks and confuse the hell out of my local baker.

Wikipedia has an interesting history of name changes to popular food items - sauerkraut, etc.

At least now Americans and Iranians have something in Common. Hope is still alive


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