Thursday, February 16, 2006


When I heard the story about Cheney, was like funny!!! "guns don't shoot, people do" a funny slogan for those opposed to the second amendment, gun ownership and hunting. Then I watch Hardball with Chris Matthews, on monday and I think to myself, seriously 1 hour spen on nothing but Cheney's delayed info to the press. Then two days pass and the number one story is still Cheney, Cheney and I ask myself have we solved all the issues in the world?? Has Iraq been pacified, is Palestine a democratic state, has AIDS been cured, no, but Cheney's story demands constant analysis. Kweli, one would think we were in the thick of summer when traditionally nonsense news and semi scandals take control of the airwaves.


Anonymous shiro said...

I seriously agree. For a good 4 days nothing but the Cheney story, this is stuff that tabloids would dwell on not big media

10:06 AM  

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