Thursday, June 22, 2006

Did he have 3 yellow cards? Was it a penalty or final whistle?

I have never been a big fun of referee Graham Poll, I know many consider him one of England's best refs, but in watching him in action in the premier league, I alsways considered him sought of a hothead who would occassionaly let his temper get the best of him and release a flurry of cards.

The game between Australia and Croatia was quite exciting (after Brazil scored 3 I lost interest), most of the game seemed to go okay, until the Kewell equalized and then the ref just lost it. First he gave Simunic what seemed to be a second yellow card, but no red was forthcoming. Then in the dying minutes, he blows his wistle for a foul (in the box), gives Siimunic another yellow and then red, in the confusion, he never (at least not that I am aware of) indicates whether he awarded a penalty or the game was over. It would seem by the time he resolved the red card issue and sent Simunic out, events (Australian bench on field etc...) had overtaken him and he just let it be.

"Poll, in charge of Australia's wild and chaotic 2-2 draw with Croatia, booked one player three times but forgot to send him off until after showing him a third yellow, blew for full-time just as what would have been Australia's winner was crossing the line, and also missed a blatant Croatian handball in the penalty area."


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