Monday, October 22, 2007

Republican Debate

For the first time this election season I actually got time to sit through a debate and I must say I was under whelmed. I consider my self a right of center individual and would likely vote for a republican candidate, however, the performance by most of the candidates was nothing to write home about. I was particularly incensed by the candidates’ incessant focus on Hillary Clinton (according to Frank Luntz, a focus group showed the most response to Hillary lines). I realize its easy to knock on her, but I’m not sure I want a leader who can throw lazy barbs at some one who’s not in the arena. Focus on your ideas and what you bring to the table and not what other folks in another party, whom you might theoretically face in the general election. Only McCain seemed reasonable on this issue, his:

“Let me just say that I know and respect Senator Clinton.

MCCAIN: The debate that I have between me and her will be based on national security, on fiscal conservatism, and on social conservatism. It will be a respectful debate. That is what the American people want.”

line (which gathered negative feelings from Luntz’s focus group) shows a political maturity and level headedness that seemed to be missing on that podium.