Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daily Show: Arizona State

The Dailyshow did a piece on my school's decision not to honor President Obama with an Honorary degree and as usual it was hilarious.... Wouldn't say we all like the kids shown here, scratch that we all like to party, it the weather, or the water or something.

I had no problem with the decision not to give Obama a degree, and the alternative is likely to have a more postitive impact on the school and those who wish to attend it. But this was a case of never let the PR folks get ahead of the game, the initial question should have been handled by the President's office and not media relations, this would have ensured that the admin could clarify the decision and provide a better rationale than the "his body of work" line. Anyway, thats life as a Sun Devil, always a partier, and never taken seriously, but I wouldn't trade my six years here for anything else.

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Arizona State Snubs Obama
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