Tuesday, June 27, 2006

missile defense proliferation

Robert Robb, a columnist with "The Arizona Republic", seems to have a fascination with the phrase: "missile defense proliferator" He has on two different occassions (dealing with two different American security Dilemmas) called for America to share its missile defense technology with other nations in order to deter rogue states from acquring (or using) nuclear weapons. He argues that missile defense technology would reduce any strategic offensive use that rogue states (Iran and North Korea) would see in using nukes.

One can not be sure of which state Robb would like to "proliferate" the technology to, but it may not be a streatch to assume that it's Israel, and probably Japan. As the writer notes, America already has a limited joint "research" program with Japan, however, considering that China and Russia are against America deploying "missile defense" in America, one wonders how they would react to a full deployment of the technology in Japan (a state that china looks upon with great suspicion). In the middle East, giving Israel yet another edge in the arms race (assuming she already has nukes) would probably motivate, not discourage, other states in the area from persuing nukes or other offensive capapbilities. Making the area more dangerous than it currently is.

It is quite clear that the Iran and North Korea issues are very difficult to deal with, however, relying on cookie cutter remedies that are likely to escalte tensions is not the way to go.

Damn U!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jon Stewart

I am a big fun of "The Daily Show" I find time each night @ 8pm (for some odd reason Direct TV doesn't broadcast the show at 11pm in AZ)..............Had to take some time to watch the "Show". However, I just learnt (via Joe Scaborough) that Jon may be a danger to American democracy. In a paper titled :"The Daily Show Effect", appearing in the current edition of the journal: "American Politics Research" Two Political Scientists argue the case for why Jon Stewart may be a danger to American democracy.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ali Mazrui a Danger to America????

According to Conservative Author, columnist David Horowitz, one of Kenya's most recognizable and honored academics is a danger to America. In his book: The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America Horowitz compiles a list of 100 odd professors across American colleges, who he believes are a danger to America and actively indoctrinating students with their radical, communist and fundamentalist ideals.

Horowitz spends a few pages (281-283) detailing what Mazrui has done and how he is a danger to America. It would seem that Mazrui has ties to an organization ("American Muslim Council") that Horowitz's connects to Hezbollah and Hamas. According to Horowitz, Mazrui supported the expansion of Islam into South Sudan and thus, approved of Sudan's genocidal activities: "That is, he [Mazrui] explicitly supported the genocidal conduct of the Sudanese Islamic government." (Professors:282) Mazrui - according to Horowitz - also argues that Arab terrorism is a reaction to unjust American and Israeli policies, moreover, Mazrui had the audacity to argue that the situation in Palestine was one of Osama Bin Laden's motivations for starting Jihad against America.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ghana, wearing religion and politics on their sleeves.

Ghana, making Liberals squirm since 1956. (Looked for a picture of two Ghanians kneeling for prayer, but could not find it).

The McLaughlin Group

The McLaughlin Group (PBS) is one of the most enjoyable shows on TV, John McLaughlin, Pat Buchanan, Tony Blankley, Mort Zuckerman, and Elanor Clift provides some if the most inciteful and consice analysis of the issues affecting the world today. However two weeks ago, they proved themselves not to be well informed on all issues of the day. When discussing the issue of Somalia, one got the impression that they were out of the element, they could not provide any current information (no mention of the Transitional govt, or different warlords etc) and simply fell back to the trite warnings of blackhawck down redux: "Mogadishu deja vu". They did a disservice to themselves and the audience by not preparing adequately for the topic at hand, shame on them.

Did he have 3 yellow cards? Was it a penalty or final whistle?

I have never been a big fun of referee Graham Poll, I know many consider him one of England's best refs, but in watching him in action in the premier league, I alsways considered him sought of a hothead who would occassionaly let his temper get the best of him and release a flurry of cards.

The game between Australia and Croatia was quite exciting (after Brazil scored 3 I lost interest), most of the game seemed to go okay, until the Kewell equalized and then the ref just lost it. First he gave Simunic what seemed to be a second yellow card, but no red was forthcoming. Then in the dying minutes, he blows his wistle for a foul (in the box), gives Siimunic another yellow and then red, in the confusion, he never (at least not that I am aware of) indicates whether he awarded a penalty or the game was over. It would seem by the time he resolved the red card issue and sent Simunic out, events (Australian bench on field etc...) had overtaken him and he just let it be.

"Poll, in charge of Australia's wild and chaotic 2-2 draw with Croatia, booked one player three times but forgot to send him off until after showing him a third yellow, blew for full-time just as what would have been Australia's winner was crossing the line, and also missed a blatant Croatian handball in the penalty area."

Blame ESPN

As all must know by now, the USA is out of the World Cup. If you have been watching the WC coverage on ESPN/ABC and are rooting for a team other than the USA, you are probably - like me - glad that the USA is out. Hopefully now the commentators and analysts will focus on the games at hand and not what America needs to do in order to beat whoever. I realise that ESPN was trying to drum up support for the team and increase viewership, but they went to far, every game, whether America was playing or not, seemed to have been an analysis of the USA game/team, it just got too much.

Well now that the USA is out the second guessing and monday quaterbacking has begun in earnest. Folks - on ESPN - who had 90 minutes before the game been full of praise for "America's brave heroes" were suddenly questioning the coach (Eric Wynalda) or resolve of the team (Julie Foudy). No American analyst/commentator had the guts to say what was true, the USA team ("the best ever assembled") was overhyped by they and ESPN/ABC. It fell upon an Irish man (Tommy Smyth) to put it all in plain english, Americans thpught to highly of their teams chances and totally underestimated the Ghanians.

The only positive is that football was the topic of discussion on the lips of many Americans, most news/talk shows begun with news of the tournament. This shall be missed, the game has survived quite well without constant "USA hyping" and I am quite sure the rest of the finals will go on and shall be great. Good Riddance America.