Monday, August 29, 2005

My ticket is already too expensive

So Chirac wants to tax airline tickets so as to aid poor Africans. Seriously aiding Africa is all good and a noble cause, but is taxing an industry that is already on its knees the best way to go? Airline tickets (international especially) are already prohibitively expensive, tacking on a further charge just hurts the consumer and airline. Want people to start hating the Africa agenda, tax them on behalf of Africa, its already difficult to get aid for the continent - due to misconceptions about aid levels - but this will just make it exponentially difficult.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Most Powerful Women in the World

Forbes list of Most Powerful Women in the World:

- Dominated by Amricans (66 of 100).
- Condolezza Rice is number 1
- Hilary Clinton is No. 26
- Two Africans on the list
- Our very own Wangari Maathai #68.
- Mozambique's prime minister Luisa Diogo #96

Our glorious first lady (or any African first lady for that matter) is missing from the list. Contrast this with the view from The Economist (subscritption needed)