Thursday, February 16, 2006


When I heard the story about Cheney, was like funny!!! "guns don't shoot, people do" a funny slogan for those opposed to the second amendment, gun ownership and hunting. Then I watch Hardball with Chris Matthews, on monday and I think to myself, seriously 1 hour spen on nothing but Cheney's delayed info to the press. Then two days pass and the number one story is still Cheney, Cheney and I ask myself have we solved all the issues in the world?? Has Iraq been pacified, is Palestine a democratic state, has AIDS been cured, no, but Cheney's story demands constant analysis. Kweli, one would think we were in the thick of summer when traditionally nonsense news and semi scandals take control of the airwaves.
Earler this week I looked upon the eye of my strawberry danish and wondered allowed, will muslim countries follow America's lead and rename all things that bear the name of a country they hate? (remember freedom Fries), well I am happy to report - though it took a while - but Iranians have changed the name of the "Danish". As happened in the run up to the Iraq qar, I shall now refer to my morning Danish as: "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad." It is possible that like the "freedom fries" I shall soon forget the new phrase, but what the hell, I shall entertain myself for the next few weeks and confuse the hell out of my local baker.

Wikipedia has an interesting history of name changes to popular food items - sauerkraut, etc.

At least now Americans and Iranians have something in Common. Hope is still alive

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Are we there yet??

A frien of mine raised an interesting point about the state of Kenya's democratic maturity. While discussing the recent events that have unfolded - Saitoti, Murungi and Mwiraria resignations - my compadre observed that the staying power of the Anglo Leasing story and the incessant pressure that has been wrought on the government, are clear signs that things have changed. It would seem that the days when a major controversy would come to light, a commission of inquiry appointed and the story die, are in their twilight.

The staying power of the Anglo Leasing controversy and the unceasing journalistic, political, and civil society pressure, are good signs that our democracy continues to sputter along. Hopefully the pressure shall not cease till we get to the bottom of scandals (note that due to the pressure, we may be able to solve two issues at one go, Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing).

I can only say kudos to all those who have brought these issues to the fro and forced the governemtn to take action, my only hope is that Kenyans shall not rest on their laurels and shall continue to monitor, question and pressure the govenrment to function in an ethical, and competent manner.

The rule of law - that most important of democratic ideals - is around the corner, we are almost there.