Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel amd Hezbollah

Found this article from Charles Krauthammer to be quite illuminating. The recent provocations by Hezbollah are unacceptable and Israel has every right to retaliate, as Joe Biden put it on MEET THE PRESS: "And the last point I’ll make, Tim, is I find it fascinating people talk about has Israel gone too far. No one talks about whether Israel’s justified in the first place. Let’s assume Israel’s overreacting. I want to see the world stand up and say, “By the way, this in fact, is an unprovoked effort on the part of a terrorist organization supported by two countries to undermine the democratic state.” Until they say that, I think it’s awful—I think it’s a secondary question whether Israel’s gone too far." The focus on an Israeli "propotional response" misses the fact that Hezbollah attacked first.

As Fareed Zakaria - on This Week with George Stephanopoulos- raised a very interesting question in my mind, when America was attacked she reponded with a "propotional response" like no other: she took out two governments. Israel has the right - indeed obligation - to remove the threat on her Northen border, if that means destroying Hezbollah, good for her.


Blogger Imnakoya said...

There are many factors at play in making the crisis a ‘perfect storm’:
Syria and Iran have helped in a great deal to stoke the flames of this conflagration; and I suspect a hidden agenda beyond just settling scores with Israel. Then there is the lack luster foreign policy of the United States in the Middle East particularly in ‘strengthening’ the Lebanese government to counter the influence and activities of the Hezbollah in south Lebanon.

As it is, there can be no peace in the region without involving Iran and maybe Syria. Given Iran’s ‘Israel-must-be-annihilated’ mindset and quest to be a nuclear and regional power (made easier by the U.S incapacitation of Iraq): would Iran use the crisis as a bargaining chip to demand ‘more’ respect from the U.S and its allies? Could this be the hidden agenda behind the madness unfolding in the Middle East?

My heart goes to the innocent children and people of Lebanon who have just started rebuilding their lives and society after enduring many years of civil war, and when things seem normal again- its deja vu all over again.

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