Saturday, November 25, 2006

Forgettable Football (College) Season

Today is the last game of what has turned out to be another disappointing season for my Sun Devil’s (Arizona State University). This year begun with high hopes, we had two good quarterbacks (Keller and Carpenter), and a schedule that promised at best a 9-3 season. Moreover, 21 and 10 years ago, we got to the Rose Bowl, so our stars seemed aligned for greatness. We were even ranked in both the AP and Coaches polls. The three games we were likely to lose (but compete in) were USC, Oregon, and California; we lost them and were competitive in only one (destroyed in the other two)

There was still hope and our play against USC was positive, this was followed by expected wins at Stanford, and Washington. At this point ASU is 5-3, we’ve survived the difficult part of the season (though doubts still persisted about our offence, and defense was getting tired), then we drop a game at OSU, Win over WSU, and lose to UCLA. Now 6-5 is a decent record, but we’re 3-5 in conference play, and the performances have not been impressive at all, defense begun the season strong then stumbled. Offence never got its act together, and the coaching……Well there is an underground movement to fire the coach (which begun with his botched handling of our great quarterback situation at the start of the year).

Today we face our neighbor to the south, our in state rival, and for the first time since I arrived in Tempe, the other team is favored to win, and actually has a better conference record. Whether we win or lose today’s game, we shall still have a .500 or above record, and this may be enough to get a bowl game. But it shall be no solace for a season that promised so much, but failed to deliver. We shall all look at the decision to switch quarter backs with suspicion, we shall look at the hype placed on the quarter back, and the promising start against weak non-conference opponents, and wonder what could have been.

This is one devil who shall from now on temper his expectations (much like I do when the AZ Cardinals are hyped). Should the Coach be fired, I don’t know, I tend to blame the over confident quarterback (who threatened to quit the team), more than the coach. No matter what humble pie should be in large supply.


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