Saturday, November 11, 2006

Republicans: The Sky ain't falling

The backbiting and arguing that is going on within the conservative/ Republicancircles is rather dssappointing. This is just one election, a shock to the system is always welcome, this is an opportunity to recover, recollect, retool and prepare for 2008. The election was an indictment of a number of issues and not one of the party's inherent ideology, Conservatism is still the dominant ideology (and considering the number of of conservative dems picked, its only going to grow).The dust shall settle, and the issues of corruption and Iraq shall replaced by other issues, and the Republicans shall rise once again.`The focus should be on ensuring a republican majority in 2008. This is a set back, but not a major one. Conservatism is still the major ideology in the nation and much the same way the 2004 election did not signal a permanent realignment, the 2006 election does not mean the sky has fallen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Githush" You are a racist. You are only drawn to the Republican party because you are like many Africans who are very tribalistic and racist.

The Africans I've met have like George Allen, referred to Black Americans as 'monkeys" and even Wenches.

You are dangerous and I believe that you should not be allowed into the USof A and should be treated like Nazi Sympathizers and should only be allowed into our country, when you learn decency and respect for Black American history.

You are vulgar and vile as far as I'm concerned.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Githush: You should analyze why you are a republican. I've noticed that many Africans like you are like the Republicans in that you are nasty, believe in dishonesty, and you are racist.

I believe that in the End Republicanism shall fail.

Please Go back home to Kenya and learn how to build your country.

You are just the White man's Bitch - this is someone like you would support the Republicans, even in spite of George Allen.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Githush said...

When you speak about race relations and the two parties, you must acknowledge that both parties have mixed histories on the issue. The Dems were the principal defenders of slavery, instituted Jim Crow and other racist laws and stood for years against Blacks. You speak of George Allen, I point out Robert Byrd, Bull Connor. George Wallace Jim Webb did say he may have used the N word etc..

Re[ublicans have been seen as being anti-black since the 1960's and this may or may not be fair. But as u ask me to pay attention tou Afro-American history, you do the same for political history.

I admit not having a full understnading of the Afro-American experience and their views toward the Republican party. But my views above are neither "Racist", "Tribalist"etccc

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must come to by brothers defense... as much as give him a hard time for being republican, or at least supporting republican ideologies, I do not see how what he had to say is racist. Most Africans identify with the democrats but with no clear reason, myself included. We tend to follow the wind and for now the wind for Africans is blowing towards the Dems! I admire Githush for he is making an informed choice. Besides, if you put the core issues that separates the Dems and Reps, most of the Rep's core principles read like an African gospel, what Africans believe and up hold. Preach on brother Githush! Although when it comes down to it I am sure we will ALL vote Democrat!

10:48 AM  
Blogger Githush said...

@Anonymous 3

I Thank you for your kind words of understanding and encouragement. I also thank you for noting that republican views could be (I fully understood) very attractive to Africans. I believe at the core most Africans (especially of social issues) are very conservative, and that has yet to permeate the African community in America and in Africa.

But thank you for your kind words, and realizing that I am no rascist.

8:56 AM  

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