Friday, October 13, 2006

1pm Appointment

During the Moi admin days (and sometimes in the Kibaki admin) it was commonplace for cabinet changes to be announced at the 1pm KBC news bulletin. On many occassions the parties affected had not been informed of appointment/dismissal and would be caught flat footed by the news.

Moi may have gotten a taste of his own medicine and he did not like it.

Aside from the "protocol gaffee", it is a good thing to have Mr. Moi involved as a goodwill ambassador in the region. Kenyans may not like the man, but he is respected in the region as a honest broker. That is nonpartisan in regional issues. People have come from afar seeking his advice on peace negotiations (there was a story a while back about a delegation sent by Kabila jr.), he was also the in initiator of peacetalks between the North and South in Sudan, as well as, the Somali conflict.

Over the last couple of years, Kenya has seemingly lost her cache in the region (when it comes to conflict resolution etc...) as we have a president who is more focused on domestic issues. Having Moi as a rocing ambassador may bring back some of that cache.


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