Saturday, October 07, 2006


Fox News channel turned 10 years old today. In those 10 years FNC has managed to get under thse skins of many liberals, energize conservatives, and dethrone CNN as cables most dominant news channel (here in America)

Straight news is very good and on this CNN and the BBC are tops. However, to fill a 24 hour channel, there needs to be more than just an endless loop of news (as Headline News used to be), channels have to develop interesting shows that spice up the channel. On this Fox is king. The shows on Fox tend to be far more interesting (especially on prime time) than their competitiors. Fox Report, Special Report, O'reilly Factor, Hannity and Colmes, Fox News watch, Fox and Friends etc.. Fox has more maquee shows compared to MSNBC (Tucker, Scaborough, Hardball, Countdown) and CNN (Anderson, Situation Room, Lou Dobbs)

One element to Fox News' success is the opinion/debating or panel discussions format (O'reilly H&C, Fox News Watch, Special Report), CNN lost some of its edge when it decided to eliminate its debate shows (Capitol Gang, Inside Politics and CrossFire). Fox is very successful in the opinion/debate realm (MSNBC has tried to follow suite).

On its conservative reporting and opinion. Messers Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, found a broadcasting niche, a demographic that had not been exploited (except on talk radio) and they developed a channel to cater to that groups potential. Judging from ratings, they were on to something and have succeded.

Happy Birthday Fox News Channel.


Blogger akiey said...

W-w-aaaaiiit a minute! Am I reading this right!? There's actually folks out there that enjoy watching Fox News!?

I applaud recognizing whatever milestones they've made in the media industry & ofcourse Murdoch is a magnate at this so it's expected FNC would edge out the competition from time to time but I shudder to think all their venom can actually be celebrated.

Not to water-down your post but I one among millinos of liberal,open-minded media consumers.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Githush said...

I am one of 2 million folks who catch O'reilly, every night. I also watch Special report and Fox n Friends.

Fox has been ahead for about five years now and its because they have a great product and millions of Americans like it.

Consider me a right thinking, open minded conservative media consumer.

But seriously, I like watching shows that I know will force me to think hard and justify my positions. Liberals should be the number one viewers of Fox, their is nothing that sharpens ones argument like listening to the other side.

10:58 PM  

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