Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kenyan Bureaucrats, how do they do it

Kenya's political system is designed in such a way that the president has the power to expand and contract his govenrment at a whim, either to fulfill electoral promises, or balance tribal equations. Opposition leaders yelp about bloated government and promise to streamline ministries once in power, but that never happens, a new ministry here, a new ministry there, portfolios are handed out like christmas candy.

Looking at the situation from the political perspective, it all looks so easy: president (during 1pm KBC news broadcast) announces changes to cabinet, creates ministry, appoints a minister (or two), a couple of assistant ministers, adds a Permanent secretary and voila, a new ministry is born.

What happens at the bureaucratic level? How does the new ministry begin to operate? does it have a formal structure? Does it have a staff? does it have a budget (especially if created mid fiscal year)? It is said that people like to eat sausage, but not watch it being made. I am not one of these "people" can anyone please clarify these issues for me. How the hell do the do it??????


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