Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Iraq Elections

Kenyans have a lot to be thankful for, in the past thirteen years we have ushered in the multiparty era and begun on the road to creating a vibrant and lasting democracy. Most Kenyans can appreciate (better than I can) the brutality, corruption, and utmost depravity of the single party dictatorship. We can remember the rigged elections, torture chambers, secret police, tribal conflict and the list goes on. But we are passed that, we are slowly (with the help of others) transitioning into a more perfect democracy, it has not been easy and the road ahead is difficult, but one thing we can appreciate is that we are free. It fills my heart with joy to see a nation fight (or be assisted) to free itself from the bear hug of authoritarian rule. I enjoyed watching Slobodan Milosevic toppled from power, the site of young (and old people) demonstrating enmass and forcing him out. I loved watching "People Power 2" remove the corrupt regime of Joseph Estrada, in the Philippines. I was heartened by the toppling of Servanadzes regime in Georgia and most recently the “orange revolution” in Ukraine and many other examples of people taking control of their own destinies and toppling unpopular governments.

With this in mind, I must say that I am glad the Iraqis are know free, they have been able to shake of the shackles of dictatorship, and I can only wish them well in their struggle to form a new and thriving democracy. This Sunday they showed that they care about their country and are willing to put up a fight to ensure the success of their democracy. It will take a long time for the Iraqis to realize their dream and the fact that they had a good day, should not obscure the fact that they have a long way to creating a more perfect union; but they have begun on the journey. I believe it is incumbent upon all peace loving and freedom loving individuals, regardless of their views on the legitimacy of the war, to support the Iraqis as they pursue their dream of a peaceful and democratic society.

The Iraqi’s deserve peace and freedom as much as Kenyans do.


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