Friday, November 12, 2004

CBS and Arafat

CBS NEWS interrupted the final minutes of Wednesday night's episode of CSI: NEW YORK in order to air a special report about the death of Yasser Arafat. CBS has apologized and says it will rebroadcast the episode, in its entirety FRIDAY at 9PM CENTRAL TIME.

"An overly aggressive CBS News producer jumped the gun with a report that should have been offered to local stations for their late news. We sincerely regret the error. The episode of CSI: NEW YORK will be rebroadcast Friday, Nov. 12."

I am troubled, is a TV show more important than breaking news. Are Americans so absorbed with the fantasy world, that they can not have a moment for what is going on in the world. The death of Arafat is a very important issue that has wide reaching implications for peace in the middleast, America's continued involvement in the area, as well as, the worl wide scourge of terrorism. Those five minutes did not matter that much, and CSI: NEW YORK, is not that important in the wider scheme of things in this world. Those who complained, should stop whinning and see that their is more to the world than "fantasyhood".


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