Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Compulsory Civic Lessons in Schools

I was lucky to have attended a highschool that provided the British curriculum. It gave me an opportunity to explore a wide variety of subjects, extra-curricula activities and great resources that made it easier to adapt to college life. One thing, however, was very dissappointing, the school did not provided any classes on Kenyan history, Geography and Civics. The focus was primarily on Europe, the Americas and Asia. Being that the school was in Kenya and most of the Srudents were Kenyan citizens (though they may not have wanted to be identified as such), I believe the school would have better served the students (and made them better citizens), by providing compulsory classes on Kenyan History, Geography and Civics. If it was not for the fact that i went to a 8-4-4 primary school, I would no very little about my nation. As little as most of my high school collegues knew and does not make for a good citizen.

I would therefore ask the government to institute a policy whereby, private schools that follow foreign curricula, would be required to teach some courses in Kenyan History, Geography and Civics. This would ensure that those who do not go through the Kenyan system (but are citizens and inhabitants of the nation) have a modicum of knowledge about the country. This would make them better citizens.


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