Monday, October 04, 2004

Presidential Debate

I sat there glued to my small 13 inch TV, budweiser on one hand and Papa Johns pizza on the other, for one and a half hours. I waited with baited breath to hear what the candidates intended to do about various international issues: Iraq (that was a given), Iran, North Korea, Sudan, UN reform, AIDS, TB, Debt Relief, Assistance to Haiti, Conflict Resolution in Africa, Narco-terrorism in South America and the list is as they say endless. However, from the debate, one would think that foreign affairs was solely based on Iraq, one would think that the all of the world's problems had been solved, and the only issues left were Iraq, Iran and North Korea, this is not to say that these issues are not important, but I do not think they're the only issues, the only other questions raised were on Darfur (which unfortunately Kerry hijacked and delved into an attack on troop levels etc, instead of giving a real solution to the problem) and Russia (I am still perplexed as to why this issue was raised). Even one of the world's most enduring conflicts was not raised directly, I wonder what Kerry or Bush intend to do about the stalled Mid East peace process, I wonder what their views are on Sharon's wall or pullout from Gaza. I know I can find out their views from a number of sources, but I think it would have been worth my (and everyones) while to hear the candidates views on these and other salient issues on the foreign policy arena.


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