Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Dan Rather and Ohio

I staid up last night, like many folks in America and the World, waiting for the results of the presidential election to come in. I would constantly flip through the various channels to see who had called what and who had not yet called what. In the early hours of the morning, FoxNews and MSNBC called Ohio for Bush, based on their projections, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS remained cautious, saying it was still too close to call - and pointing out the the Democrats were to mount a challenge to the results. However, while all channels and pundits seemed consigned to the fact that the democrats had little hope of winning the election, CBS Dan Rather remained adamant in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary, that Kerry still had a chance. The most interesting thing was his reaction to Ed Bradley's calculation. Bradley argued that Bush had an over 100,000 vote lead, most of the uncounted votes were in predominantly Republican areas, and even if the provisional ballots were to be counted, the democrats would need over 80% of the tally to even have a minute chance of winning the state. However, Rather continued to insist that Kerry could win, to the point that he tried to belittle Bradley's math acumen (Bradley reminded him that he once taught math). If this was not enough to show those who do not think he is biased, I do not know what would. His performance was rather disappointing.


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