Friday, October 17, 2008

The McCain I know and Love

There have been numerous ugly moments during this campaign, many moments that have caused people to believe that McCain is an old racist fart, a man of few scruples. But every once in a while the real McCain has appeared. One of his greatest assets, outside all the partisan politicking, is his respect for those he serves with, he is a honorable individual. He has always shown a willingness to listen to others and work with them. His words (in the speech below) about Sen. Obama's achievements and the change this nation has undergone through its history are a clear mark of this. He can also be quite funny and self-deprecating.

Part I

Part II

He may lose the election, but one thing I know, is that he will be there in the senate, working with Obama. Once all the dust settles, these two titans will get back to working for the American people (as they have in the past), and I'll not be surprised if McCain (if he loses), turns out to be one of Obama's greatest allies in the senate.


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