Friday, October 03, 2008

Bill O'reilly vs. Barney Frank

O'reilly: "You're a're not man enough to admit"
Frank: "This why your stupidity gets in the way of rational discussion" (ouch)
"Maybe you're listening and to damn to understand"

Always heard that Barney Frank was one of the best debaters in the House of reps, and I think he shows it here. He tries to stick to the issues, but throws in a few jabs of his own.

O'reill does have a point about Frank not taking some responsibility for the Freddie Mac/Freddie Mae debacle, but by focusing on the shouting match and ad-hominem attacks on Frank's manhood, he comes of as the world class gas bag he is.

In the end, what was an opportunity to shed some light on the role of congress in the Fanni/Freddie issue, degenerates into a cock fight.


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