Monday, November 05, 2007

Sports Weekend of Half Victories.

On Friday I professed to my buddies that this would either be one of my worst sporting weekend, or the best. Two of my favorite football teams (American that is) were in line for what would arguably be their most crucial tests of the season. Both had unbeaten records (both 8 - 0), were ranked amongst the best teams in the country, and going in to hostile territory against teams ranked just below them on the tables.

So Saturday comes and I am prepared for the worst, my college team finds itself playing an early game (for some reason they never perform well before 7 pm) and having to come back from an early 21 – 3 deficit (seriously that opposing QB matched his team down the field with ease, three touchdowns in their first three possessions. Those folks shouting for him to be a heisman candidate might just be right), in the first quarter. The second quarter was brought a better performance from our defense, but the offense continued to sputter. And that was the story of the game, defensive stops and offensive malaise. Needless to say we lost. 35 – 23. College team 8-1

So Sunday roles in and I fear my prognostications will come true. Alas, I was wrong, this was going to be a weekend of half victories, and my pro team remains undefeated (9-0).

And Arsenal tied Man U.


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