Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tag: Why I Blog

A tip of the Hat to Whispers for including me in this wonderful game of Tag: Why do I blog.

I was introduced to blogging in the spring of 2004 by a fellow mashadite, Trafalgar, who in a post invited all Mashadites to join him in the brave new world of the blogosphere. He also pointed out that it was easy to join the blogosphere via In 2004, I joined this brave new frontier.

The allure of blogging was two-fold:

- Allowed me to escape the often cantankerous world of moderated forums (Mashada, Mambogani, History channel etc) where – though I learned a lot – I had begun to be disenchanted by the debates that would often degenerate into chaos and ad hominem attacks.

- Blogging also gave me the opportunity to write longer expositions of my views on a variety of subject; without the restrictions on language, length etc. Moreover, I could use my blog to post old papers/opinions I had written, that would not elicit much debate on a forum due to the lack of salience.

Blogging has been great, and joining KBW (though by accident) has been a blessing. It is not often that one can find a community of individuals with the same background (Kenyan), but have such diverse interests and views. Joining this community and the blogosphere in general has been very educational and fulfilling. Despite the occasional bloggers block.

Since I have been away for a while, I am not sure who has or hasn’t been tagged, so I shall not venture into tagging.


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