Thursday, July 28, 2005

Irony Is

I do not know if Irony is the right word. But imagine watching the following on the same night and at the same time:

Surviving Hunger in the Highlands of Ethiopia.
Surving a the long trek from Darfur to Chad.
The struggles of Homeless kids in North Korea. All the above were part of a 3 hour block on the Discovery Times Channel

Nothing weird you say, well on another channel - Bravo - they have a marathon of the reality show, The Restaurant. Now imagine this, on one channel you are watching a chef slathering a whole pig with butter, frying up some chicken, and grilling a ribeye steak. On the other channel you see folks (Ethiopian) forced to eat grass - which the refer to as cababage - a Sudanese family forced to go 3 weeks without food, and North Koreans forced to eat human flesh in order to survive. Curious are we, there is more.

The patrons in the restaurant can not stop complaining, ohh the food is not hot enough, it's taking too long, it's not in the right plate etc.. But the Ethiopian, Sudanese and North Korean just accept what little they have (though they try hard to get better) and do not keep complaining. Those with plenty bitch about not having enough or not the right knd, but those with little accept what they have, thank the lord for what they have and continue on with life. Kweli hardship hardens the skin.

Anyway, you decide if this is irony, or something more.


Anonymous Judy said...

Ironic? I think I prefer to use the term sad.

And what makes it even more so is the fact that when we watch such images, we will only allow ourselves to ponder about it but for a second or two, then we go back to bitching about the way one cannot stand fast food anymore. Or something equally as trivial.

12:31 AM  

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