Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Kibaki Meme

1 a) Do you think kibaki is lazy?
Compared to Moi yes. Compared to Bush no. Taking into account his managerial proclivities (delegation), and health (Suspected stroke, broken leg etc..) , I would say that he is not a lazy man, just a man who has developed a unique way to deal with the rigours of the presidency. I do not agree with his strategy (I think he overreacted to Moi's micromanagement, to the point that he seems to have delegated too much and this has led to conflict and confusion within his own house).

1 b) Give an instance of when he portrayed laziness as president?
Thinker's list is rather comprehensive, though some may be protocol errors, than laziness.

2 a) What trait do u find the single most detrimental to the national cause?
Lack of conviction/ a back bone/ resolve etc.. etc..

2 b) Comment on it:
On numerous occassions the president has said something, and then not followed up. For example, NARC membership is individual, not coporate, (the parties DP, LDP no longer exist in the registrers roll), cabinet should stop fighting etc etc. He has been unable to stick to his promises. Moreover, he has been unable to control his cabinet and resolve the infighting, since 2003 there have been numerous attempts to resolve the NARC problem, but nothing has happened. The prophets of doom that the president argued in his inagural address would be confunded by the unity of NARC, have had there worsts fears realized.

3) What is the most embarrasing thing, in your opinion, Lucy Kibaki has done?
The whole December 2003 - January 2004 fiasco. Where she blew up on the VP, snubbing the comptroller, allegedly biting a cabinet minister and allegedly slapping the Prezzo. I was in the Coast at the time this fiasco went down and the town was ablaze with these stories and even when I returned to Nairobi, the number one topic of discussion on the numerous functions I attended was Lucy.

4) Do you wonder where Wambui, the Hilary Rodham of Kenya, ever went to?

5) Do you care how much influence the first lady has over decisions made by the president?
As I have articulated elsewhere, the prezzo and the first lady work as a team, we may not like it , but it is what it is. We do not only elect the PUBLIC persona, we also elect the PRIVATE. And the first lady is part an parcel of both men. From what I have observed in the past two years, the first lady seems to play a major role in how and what Kibaki says and does, this was likely developed prior to their occupation of Statehouse, though his health may have enhanced her involvement. I personally have no problem with their working, as well as, personal relationship. However, this is not to say that I do not think that she on occassion go overboard and seem to dominate the president (case in point his walking on pavement and her hoggin the red carpet, last week).

6) What is the most critical issue facing the Kenyan Presidency today?
Lack of confidence in the current holder of the office. It would seem (from polls, blogs, letters to editors and politicians views) that Kenyans (and others) have lost confidence/ hope in Kibaki. It is amazing how the optimism of two years ago has been replaced by dejection and hostility toward the president and his government.

7) Did you vote in the 2002 general election?
No. I was out of the country. Though if I was, I would probably have voted for Kenyatta.

8 a) Do you care?
Yes. However, I am not overly concerned. Those who know me, know that I always thought that the euphoria that greeted the NARC administration was a bit much. Kenyans overestimated the abilities of the NARC government to change matters in Kenya. I have always believed that Kibaki's first administration (do not know if there will be another) would be a transitional one. One that would begin the process of healing the nation, and lay the groundwork for future development.

8 b) Who else should fill this meme?
Kenyan Pundit, Afromusing, Mental, 4sheezy


Anonymous Ms K said...

Haiya, ati she bit someone?? And hogged red carpet? Heh heh heh aki is there no end to the durama this woman has!!

I enjoyed reading your meme. You are obviously a man who knows and understands his politics.

4:47 AM  
Blogger Afromusing said...

nimeimaliza meme.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is quite possible that the old lady out did herself on Friday night at Diop's house. I am not sure if I should cry, yell, wail, pray or whatever, the news reports were just too depressing.

7:23 AM  

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